Adam Westbrook
2 min readAug 26, 2017




Rays of sunshine print a golden lattice on the face of FATHER ADRIAN (50s). He leans close to the grill in conversation with a parishioner.

FATHER ADRIAN: Marriage isn’t always easy, but it’s important you don’t have secrets from one another. I’m sure she’ll understand.

PARISHIONER: God bless you father.

FATHER ADRIAN: And God bless you, Edward.

We hear the parishioner rise and leave the confessional as Father Adrian leans back and sighs, troubled by his thoughts. He plays with his wedding band, twisting it on and off.

He begins to rise, as a rustle is heard on the other side of the grill.

VOICE: Pssst!

FATHER ADRIAN: Eleanor really, you don’t have to do that.


FATHER ADRIAN: Say “pssst!”

ELEANOR: I brought your sandwiches, its chicken pate today we’re out of peanut butter but I’ll run past the store on my way home. Anyway, I’ve been having coffee with Jeanie this morning, remember I told you I was going to see Jeanie? Well, she’s as keen as ever on us doing this cruise together so I think we should start looking at dates, and then-


ELEANOR: Yes dear?

FATHER ADRIAN: I’m glad you’ve come in. I mean here…now.


The confessional booth from the outside in the silent church.

A beat or two and we see ELEANOR emerge. She’s small, very primly dressed, a look that screams ‘busy-body’.

But all her strength has gone. She’s pale and struggles to stay on her feet, gripping the ends of pews as she slowly walks out of shot.

The camera eases in on the confessional booth.



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