Adam Westbrook
3 min readAug 30, 2017


# SCENE 10
(With apologies to Edgar Wright)


Low on the ground as the wheels of a police motorcycle pull into shot. The OFFICER (20s) gets off and the camera FOLLOWS her feet as she approaches a red Subaru WRX parked ahead.

The camera rises as she places her right hand on her holster and walks toward the drivers seat. Inside we see a young man (20s) wearing sunglasses and white earbuds. He is tapping his hands on the wheel.

OFFICER: Licence and registration please sir.

The driver continues to tap away on the wheel, oblivious.

OFFICER (CONT’D): Sir. Licence and registration please.

Now the driver is swaying his body to a rhythm, his mouth forming the silent words of a soulful chorus.

The officer sighs, walks around to the front of the car stands, arms folded.

The driver, reaching the crescendo of his song makes triumphant trigger fingers and shoots them right at the officer, to the beat of the music.

Then he opens his eyes — a double take. He pulls his sunglasses off and we see how embarrassed he is. The officer strolls back to the driver window.

OFFICER (CONT’D): Glad I finally have your attention. Licence and registration.

The driver, a little flustered, pulls out his ID and hands it to the officer. He looks ahead to the entrance of the bank and tenses up.

OFFICER: Baby. Your name’s Baby?

BABY: Umm…yes sir — ma’am. Yes ma’am.

OFFICER: Do you know why I’m talking to you now?


OFFICER: A couple of blocks back you ran a red.

BABY: Did I?

OFFICER: You gonna argue with me?

Baby shakes his head. We see the entrance to the bank and through the tinted windows the hint of a disturbance inside.

Baby reaches for his iPod.

OFFICER (Tense): Hands where I can see them.

Baby raises his hand to reveal the iPod. He quickly spins the wheel on it and finds his track. Keeping both hands in full view he unplugs his headphone cable, and plugs in the cable to the car’s speakers.


He presses play. The piano melody of Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” fills the air.

The officer protests but Baby looks her confidently in the eye and she finds herself captive.

With emotion Baby mimes the lyrics.

“It’s sad, so sad / It’s a sad, sad situation / And it’s getting more and more absurd / It’s sad, so sad / Why can’t we talk it over / Oh it seems to me / That sorry seems to be the hardest word”

OFFICER (Smiling): You got charm, I’ll give you that. But I’m still gonna have to give you a ticket. Wait here.

She walks back to her motorbike.

Suddenly, THREE MEN emerge from the bank, sprinting, with large bags in their hands. They’re wearing Austin Powers masks.

BAT: I can’t believe you people ain’t seen Hallowe’en!

Baby turns on the engine as the three bundle into the car. The officer turns as Baby hits the accelerator and leaves her in a cloud of dust.

BAT: Elton John? What’s wrong with you man?



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